Workshop Space

Do you need an extra garage? Have you outgrown your smaller mini-storage unit? Do you need space for your business? Maxi-Space has over 20 different sizes ranging from 200 SF to 3,000 SF. We are often asked: “What type of tenants do you rent to?” That is difficult to answer! We have people that are moving and need a place to store their belongings for just 1-3 months.

We cater to business owners as well. Many of them are starting a new business, and they need a place to store their business equipment, a place to base their business, etc. We also have hobbiest that need a place to store their boat, motorcycles, camper, etc. Some of our tenants are larger businesses that need a secure place for archived files or excess inventory.

When we ask our tenants what they like most about these warehouse and storage spaces, they frequently applaud us for the 24-hour access, security alarms and the restrooms that every tenant has 24-hour access to. Do you need a space? No worries! Just ask!