Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have Moving Trucks available to use? Yes, we have a company moving truck that can be used either when moving your belongings into a storage unit, or when you are moving out. The truck has a 15' cargo area, automatic transmission, roll-up loading door, pull out the ramp and a hand truck is available to use.​
Are my stored items insured? No.  Your homeowner’s policy might cover your property in storage.  We also offer an insurance package through Storsmart Insurance.
How does my rental term work? Your rent is due the same date your rent your unit. Example; if you rent on the 4th of the month your rent is always due on the 4th of the month.
Are statements sent? And can I make payments automatically or online? Monthly invoices are sent out as a reminder to pay rent for $2.00. An emailed statement can be sent for no charge. You can pay your rent online at
When are you open? When do I have access to my storage unit? We are open six days a week to serve you (excluding major holidays). Our store hours are 9:00 am to 5:30 pm Monday through Friday, 10:00 am to 4:00 pm on Saturdays. You have access to your storage unit 365 days a year. Gate access is 24 hours a day.
Do you sell Packing and Moving Supplies? In addition to offering a lock for your storage unit, we carry a wide range of high-quality boxes and moving supplies. We also have specialty items available to protect and pack items such as dishes and glassware, wardrobes, beds, and couches.


How do I get on a waiting list for a space? Contact the office at 253-572-9383 and sign up to be on the waiting list.
How long is my deposit to hold valid? Is it refundable if I find a space somewhere else or if I get tired of waiting? The deposit is NOT refundable - only transferable.  Once you move in, the deposit is converted to a security deposit and is then eligible to be refunded, depending on the tenant ledger.
Auto & workshop spaces:  What is this white powder on my unit floor & how do I remove it? Efflorescence is a whitish, powdery deposit on the surface of rocks or soil in dry regions. It is formed as mineral-rich water rises to the surface through capillary action and then evaporates.  Simply sweep it up and dispose of it.  Do not try to wash it, this will cause the powder to re-absorb into the concrete and come back later.
I want to move out.  How do I give proper Notice to Vacate? Fill out the Maxi-Space “Notice to Vacate” form supplied with your original rental agreement or contact us and we will email or fax one to you.  Fill it out, sign it and email it to, fax it to 253-353-7054, mail it certified USPS or drop it off at our main office located at 1401 S. Sprague Ave. Tacoma, WA 98405.  Your signature is required for notice to be official.
How much notice do I need to give before moving out? This depends on whether you are renting a warehouse or outside parking space.  Warehouses require a 60 Day Notice to Vacate and Outside Parking Spaces require a 30 Day Notice to Vacate.  There is no notice needed for self-storage units at the Sprague Ave location.
What date do I write down as my official expiration date on my Notice to Vacate? Your official expiration date to write on the notice will be the last day of the month whether it’s 60 days or 30 days notice you need to give.  The expiration date must be turned in no later than the 1st of any given month.  FOR EXAMPLE - If you rent a warehouse and turn in a 60 Day Notice to Vacate on April 6th, your official expiration date will be June 30th (May 1-June 30).
If I want to move out earlier than the required 30 or 60 days notice period, can I? Technically, you can move out whenever you want. But your tenancy doesn’t end until the expiration of your 30 or 60 notice period OR until a new tenant moves in and assumes tenancy, whichever comes first. There is a box you can check on the Notice to Vacate that tells us you wish for us to try and rent the unit prior to your official expiration date.  If you check this box, we will try to rent the unit early and contact you once we have a deposit on the unit.  When a new tenant moves in, your obligation to pay rent ceases and we will process your move out.

After I move out, when do I get my deposit back?
For the self-storage units at our Sprague Ave location, there is no deposit required.  For all other locations, we process and refund deposits within 14 days after your official move out date.  Mailing deposits take a couple of days as well, depending on USPS.  So you can expect your deposit check in your mailbox within 20 days after move out.  Contact us if you find that you have not received yours within this time frame.
My light went out in my warehouse/office, will you fix this for me?
In almost all cases, light bulb replacement is a tenant’s responsibility. However, we have maintenance staff who can replace it for you at the rate of $75/hr plus materials.  If you need this done, please submit a work order online. We recommend you get in touch with us about bulbs and/or light fixtures you may not be familiar with so that we can make suggestions. For some units, the bulb may not require a change, and a “ballast” is faulty. Ballast replacements are a Maxi-Space responsibility.

Can I change the lock and install my own?
No.  Tampering with locks may result in immediate termination.  If you need your locks changed, please submit a work order online.

I need my alarm code changed, how do I have this done?
Submit a work order online and we will contact you directly to obtain verification as well as your new 4 digit code you wish to have programmed.  There is no charge for alarm code changes and they are typically completed within 48 hours.

Is it ok to park in front of my unit?
No, the driveways in front of all of our buildings are designated as fire lanes and only to be used for loading and unloading.  If you need to park a vehicle while you are at your unit, you may park in the designated spaces in general parking areas or rent an outside parking space.

May I wash my vehicle or work on my vehicle in the parking lot or in front of my unit?
No, you may only work on your vehicle inside your unit and you can only wash vehicles at our 74th St location in the designated wash-pad area which has the proper oil/water separator required for washing vehicles.

Can I park a vehicle overnight?
No, our parking lots are for daytime/temporary use only.  If you are working late in your unit, your vehicle may be parked in the regular parking areas (just like during the day) only while you are present.  Otherwise, you should take your vehicle home or park it inside of your unit.  If you need outdoor parking, please contact us for pricing and availability of outside parking spaces at the Steele St.,  74th & Sprague locations.

I rent an outside parking space, can I store things other than vehicles in my space? No, outside parking spaces are for vehicle parking only.  Other items may be stored inside the vehicle, but not outside in the parking space.
Can I do (auto repair, auto body, etc) in my unit? Our 74th Street location is ideally constructed for heavy auto repairs and auto body work.  We do not allow auto body work at any other of our locations.  Most all other locations have spaces that are suitable for auto repairs, but you would need to check with us and/or the local municipality in order to gain final approval.
    Can I put a sign up at my unit? It depends on whether or not you are also renting an office/retail space.  If you have an office/retail space, you are allowed to install a sign, but only with our permission.  No large banners without permission will be allowed.  If you have just a workshop or warehouse space, signage needs to be approved as well.
Is there power in the units? Yes.  All spaces except the Sprague Ave. self-storage units have electricity in the units.
A person renting a bigger/smaller unit told me he’s moving out. Can I rent (or transfer to) his unit? Possibly; however, we would need to check the waiting list.  Existing tenants are always moved to the top of the list.
I’m paying a full month’s rent when I move in, but I moved in on the 15th. If rent’s due on the 1st, why isn’t my rent pro-rated? Your 2nd month’s rent will be prorated.   We have found it is better to get a month’s worth of rent on move-in.
I think an employee stole something from me. Can you show me some video from last week? We have a limited amount of video storage, but if any of our tenants report significant violations of our rental/lease agreements or criminal activity, we may choose to research the video files that are available.  We cooperate with legal requests (and subpoenas) from local law enforcement agencies, so we recommend that all of our tenants who witness and/or suspect a crime has occurred on our properties get in touch with the police.  Keep in mind that these cameras are meant for overall surveillance, and cannot always record decipherable details like license plate number and/or faces.  Contact the police for crimes, and contact Maxi-Space for violations of rental agreements or leases.